What draws men out into the unknown? What has propelled them for centuries to cross vast bodies of water, or cut paths through dense forests? What makes them build machines and launch their bodies into the stars?

Within every man burns two competing forces — the person and the pursuer. The person holds onto the ordinary, the conventional, the comfort of their childhood. The pursuer is captivated by the grandeur of what’s out there. They are unafraid, powerful, and instinctual. This is the person chosen, not that which was born.

Man & Myth provokes pursuit without losing the common touch. Using only the finest, proven ingredients from distant shores, it is all at once refined and untamed. Mysterious yet familiar. Mature yet spirited.

Guiding Tenants

Respect for the Modern Man

Men are no longer willing to be defined by traditional cultural stereotypes. The modern man is cultured, interested in self-care, and capable. Authenticity is attractive, even sexy, and vulnerability is a sign of strength. Today’s man has more questions than answers, but accepts and embraces life’s challenges understanding we are all on a journey.


Hard Working Products for Hard Working Men

Sure, our products are natural. But so are everyone else's these days. What is more important to us is that they work. Our products are designed for the man on the go. They are effective multi-taskers that truly transform and breathe life into tired regimens.


Have It All

There is a tension deep inside all of us. The man hidden inside, that is only known by those closest to him, and the man the world sees; thoughtfully constructed over time to fulfill a specific role, or set of expectations. Our products prepare the man to pursue what life has in store for him: a balanced professional life, a rich personal life, and a deep spiritual journey.


A Portion of Every Sell Helps End Modern Day Slavery

Over 40 million men, women, and children are living in sexual slavery world-wide — many in our own cities. Every human life is valuable so we believe that is unacceptable. In an effort to end it, we are giving a portion of our profits to the world's leading freedom fighters. Together, we can rescue them.