Your Guide on the Lightest Beers in Texas

When you hear the words "light beer," you probably immediately think of your favorite low-calorie brew, but light beers are beginning to encompass all parts of the beer world. Today, many small craft breweries are crafting their light craft beers to compete with large scale companies offering beers like Coors Light or Bud Light. 

We’ve laid out some favorite light beers crafted here in Texas to help you ditch your high-calorie go-to beer and make the switch to a lighter option! These beers still encompass all of the aspects of your usual suspects but with fewer calories and lower alcohol content for those who want to enjoy something more luminous and beat this summer's heat. 


Independence Brewing, Co Power and Light Pale - Austin, Texas


Photo by Independence Brewing's Instagram

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee - brewed like a pale ale, hopped like an IPA. What begins as a light-bodied pale ale becomes a clean burst of citrus-forward hops, lighting up your palate. Crisp and refreshing will have you saying, "just one more."


Shiner, Light Blonde - Shiner, Texas


Photo by Shiner's Instagram

Brewed with the same handcrafted, small-batch pride you except Shiner, delivering a unique light beer. So next time you are reaching for something smooth and easy-drinking, pick up an ice-cold Shiner Light Blonde. It's light done right. Prosit forward!


Southern Star’s, Bombshell Blonde- Fort Worth, Texas

Photo by Southern Star's Instagram

Southern Star's Bombshell Blonde is an excellent option if you're looking for something very light. Handcrafted taste in a can. This ale has a distinctively smooth, creamy body. Whether you are enjoying it on the golf course, on the beach, or simply sitting at home, one sip from this bombshell will blow you away.


Real Ale, Fireman's Light - Blanco, Texas

Photo by Real Ale's Instagram

Of course, being the largest craft brewery in Texas, Real Ale had to create their own low alcohol beer weighing in at 4% ABV and only 110 calories per can. Fireman's light is a clean and crisp American light lager that is still so tasty it will have you reaching for another can before you know it.


Shannon Brewing Company, Tejas Light - Keller Texas

Photo by Shannon Brewing's Instagram

Enjoy a light and refreshing Mexican-style lager, perfect for those who love Dos Equis and Modelo. This beer features the same characteristics as a traditional Mexican lager, but it is also on the lighter side of things with a straw color and light body.


We hope you enjoyed our list of the lightest and healthiest beers brewed right here in Texas! Now go pick up a pack, try them out, and enjoy! 



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