The Run Down on “Natural Enough”

When it comes to personal care products, do you really know what you’re using? With such a large quantity of businesses and brands competing to be everyone's favorite choice, how can you be really sure what you’re buying? Many companies are claiming to have “all-natural personal care products” although with how the world works today, you can never be too sure. Sadly, the word/phrase natural does not carry the same meaning with each company, so we really need to focus on identifying and researching the ingredients within which personal care products.    

Here at Man & Myth, we are committed to keeping both our customers and the environment safe. Since the word “Natural” is so often used, it's quite common for it to be misrepresented and described in a deceitful manner. For most companies, it’s just a marketing ploy used to sell products. The truth is, there is no actual set law or standard of “natural” for personal care products. Although at Man & Myth, it is no myth that we start with nature then thoughtfully engineer products to the highest level of safety and sustainability. All ingredients are safe, free of sulfates, parabens, dyes, and toxic/harmful chemicals. 

Try out our three-step daily facial routine. Start off cleansing the face with The Seeker to remove all excess oils and dirt with our charcoal and white lava face wash leaving the face feeling energized and rejuvenated. Follow up with The Healer a cactus and verbena enriched toner to reduce redness and improve texture. Finish with Pursue the Day, our daily facial moisturizer made with aloe for hydration, jojoba which awakens, and witch hazel to tone without leaving the skin oily feeling. 

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