Real Men Drink Red Wine

Although wine may not be thought of as the manliest drink, real men indeed drink red wine and according to many different studies, red wine is great for men’s health. Red wine is manly and is used as a symbol of prominence and it has become very popular to have your select collection of wine. 

Red wine is rich in antioxidants - which keep free radicals from attacking the body's cells and contributing to destructive processes within the body. 

Rich in health benefits - reduction in heart disease and protection against neurological disorders and cancer. 

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How is white and red wine different from white wine? 

The grapes used - The grapes used for white wine and red wine are different in color. 

Wine must - The liquid that comes from crushing grapes to extract their juice is called “must.” Next, yeast is added to the must starting the fermentation process. This process is where the yeast begins eating the sugar releasing the CO2 and alcohol. For white wine, the grape skins are removed before fermentation while for red wine the grape skins stay on for a much longer period usually the skins are removed after fermentation, or at the end of the entire process. 

Overall, the grape color and loger skin time leads to the red color and heavier body to the wine itself. 

Still don’t think drinking red wine is manly? 

Look at these celebrities and athletes who enjoy drinking red wine almost daily and enjoy having personal collections and some of them even have their own wine labels.

George Clooney loves red wine so much he created his own blend - Whatever It Takes George Clooney Cabernet Sauvignon.

Hugh Jackman is a red wine lover - he especially loves wine produced from his home country, Australia.

Johnny Depp has a deep love for wine - his favorite being Chateau Calon-Segur.

Mark Wahlberg also loves red wine - he even has an extravagant wine cellar.

NBA Allstar Dwyane Wade has his own wine label as well - try out D Wade Cellars yourself. 



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