Our Daily Skincare Routine

Oily skin. Dry skin. Eye bags. Age spots. The list goes on. So we created a morning routine that fits into your busy schedule, and leaves you feeling refreshed and protected.


1. The Rover: All Over Wash

Start each and every morning by thoroughly washing your body and hair to eliminate excess oil, and prepare a clean foundation for the day ahead. The Rover: All Over Wash combines natural oils to hydrate, and B-vitamins to restore life to stressed skin.


2. The Seeker: Charcoal & White Lava Cleanser

Now that your hair and body are clean, let's focus on your face. While using the bar of soap in the shower seems convenient, the truth is it can strip away natural oils and throw off your pH levels — leaving your skin vulnerable and dry. Using a mild cleanser like The Seeker daily will gently lift toxins, and leave the skin feeling rejuvenated. Simply apply our cleanser with moist fingers or a damp cloth. Then massage in a light circular motion and rinse with warm water. 


3. The Healer: Cactus Toner

Our skin naturally produces oils. Sometimes, our bodies over produce or under produce these oils leaving us feeling too shiny or too dry. The Healer: Cactus Toner uses desert survivors like prickly pear, agave, and yucca to gently breakdown dead skin cells and protect against free radicals (the little atoms that cause signs of again). Apply with a cotton pad to face and neck to refresh and hydrate.


4. Pursue the Day: Daily Moisturizer

Now that the face is properly cleansed and balanced, using a daily moisturizer like Pursue the Day helps lock in hydration and energy. Our formula is specifically designed for men and is water-based, keeping you from looking too oily. Use this after shaving to soothe the skin and restore its protective layer by applying to moistened skin.