A Guy’s Guide to Working From Home

If you’re like us, working from home has become your new normal, and it took a while to get the hang of it. But with a change of scenery and a few tweaks to our daily routine, we’re cool if this new normal is here to stay longer than expected. If you’re still finding your groove, we’ve put together some of our favorite tips to help make your day productive and enjoyable.

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Don’t skip the regular morning rituals.

To no surprise, skincare is at the top of our WFH guide. It’s easy to forget your morning routines when you are telecommuting, but if you stick with that skincare routine you finally started, you’ll come out of Quarantine 2020 like a brand-new man. Sure, you don’t have to shave every day, but a quick face wash, spritz of toner, and daily moisturizer will help you start your day feeling fresh and looking dapper. Read more on our daily skincare routine, here.


Make a coffee run.

One thing we are starting to miss, and we’re sure you’re missing it too, is our morning commute. It’s a time to mentally prepare for the day, take in the city, catch up on a favorite podcast, and support local coffee shops. Although with working from home our new community is just across the hall and down a flight of stairs, we’re still commuting for the hell of it. Get dressed, hop in the car, on a motorcycle, or even on public transit, and turn on that podcast while you head to your favorite local coffee shop.  


Set up your workstation.

Yeah, working from the couch sounds like the most ideal workstation situation, but take it from us – it’s not. Grab your office essentials and set up a deskscape on your dining room table, in a spare room, or even your bedroom. Bonus points if your new workspace is next to a window with views of the city or greenspace. Not sure what to add to your deskscape? We love a good incense stick, a moleskine notebook, and our favorite set of Sharpie pens.


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Turn on a solid playlist.

Music is a big part of our day from morning to night. There’s nothing letting a little Led Zeppelin or Paul Kantner spinning on the record player to set the tone for your day with tunes from the past. Don’t have a record player? Don’t worry. We have a pretty solid Spotify playlist you can listen to whether you’re gearing up for work, tackling the day, and or unwinding in the evening. -listen-


Pour yourself a cocktail.

Probably the biggest perk of working from home is being able to pour a cocktail at five o’clock (okay, four o’clock). We’ve had a thing for a good Old Fashioned. Check out this recipe from Mr. Boston.


Take the time today, and every day, to embrace these tips while working from home. We know may it be different, but we also know you have what it takes to adapt and make this your own new kind of normal. From morning routines and alternative workspaces to classic rock and at home happy hours – you’ve got this. Remember, one day you’ll be back rushing to the office in bumper to bumper traffic chugging coffee like it’s not boiling hot and you’ll miss these months of quarantine.